West Coast Harp Society

If you would like to make a donation instead of, or in addition to becoming a member, please click the donate button below. Your support is very much appreciated! If you have any questions about your membership dates, or a donation, please contact the treasurer,  marilyn@harpcanada.com 

The WCHS was formed in preparation for our hosting the World Harp Congress in 2011. Since that very successful event, we have continued to hold regular gatherings, and serve the local harp community. We also are the BC chapter of the American Harp Society.

We sponsor workshops and concerts, and raised funds to commission a new work by Scott Good that was performed by Elizabeth Volpé Bligh at the 2014 World Harp Congress, with help from the American Harp Society. The AHS also helped us sponsor some Focus on Youth participants in the World Harp Congress in 2011 and has given us grants for subsequent projects as well.

Membership is $4 per month and supports our activities and our new website. Please consider supporting the West Coast Harp Society by purchasing a membership or making a donation.

Members who want a listing on the teacher or performer pages, please use the contact tab to enquire.  

Membership Benefits

1. You know you're supporting the world of harps in BC. Players, teachers, students all benefit from connecting with each other and to a larger organization.

2. You become part of the local chapter of the American Harp Society.

3. Members receive a discount on some concerts and workshops organized by the WCHS, some like Harp Day 2021, and auditing of masterclasses are entirely FREE!

4. Your contribution underwrites visiting professional teachers and performers, who benefit us all.

The constitution and by-laws of our Society are here, if you wish to know more about how we operate, and why we exist.