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Looking to buy -

Christine Doknjas is looking to buy a 34-string lever harp in the $2000 range to upgrade from her lap harp.  Email: christinedoknjas@hotmail.com

Looking to buy an antique pedal harp - condition is not as important as age; will restore.  Contact marilyn@harpcanada.com

Student is looking for a small double-strung harp - contact marilyn@harpcanada.com

For Sale and WANTED

FOR SALE: April 2024

A hand-crafted Emilie 36-string lever harp (strung in nylon and copper wound steel core, Camac sharping levers, figured maple body with Engelmann spruce soundboard) by Alberta harp-maker Jamie Newsom. It is a beautiful instrument with a warm, resonant tone and crystalline, bell-like upper register; it was custom built in 2012 and has had a single owner. I would love to see it go to a good home.

The harp has a K&K pickup installed and comes with a custom travel case, tuning key and extra strings.

Asking $5,000. Photos available. If interested, contact Leanne Page at


FOR SALE: August 27, 2023

Lap Harp: Noteworthy County Kerry 24E, Price Reduced: $1300

A beautiful little cherry lap harp with a sweet tone. With 10 levers (Fs, Cs and Bs), and tuned in F, this harp is especially good for Celtic tunes and for simple arrangements. It is one of the approved therapy harps. Comes with a soft case, a strap, and an extra set of strings. A lot of fun to play, and a perfect harp for travelling. This harp is in mint condition. Comes with packing case. I am on Vancouver Island. 

Please email enquires to me at deborahgraham11@shaw.ca

August 4, 2023

FOR SALE: Musicmakers Sonnet lap harp. Brand new – played only a few times at home.

Received new from Musicmakers June 1/23. It’s a lovely 29-string harp – 9.5 lbs with full Camac levers and many other nice features (outlined on their website: https://www.harpkit.com/sonnet-lap-harp). Strung from A2 to A6 (nylon). This is the default cherry finish (no Vivid colour) with guitar strap buttons installed by Musicmakers. Looks just like the model shown on their website.
The smart, slanted design of the base and the rubber strips on the bottom are designed for the harp to sit securely (without the strap).
I’m asking $4200. The Sonnet (+ spare set of strings) cost more than $4500 CDN to import to Canada. Currency exchange of $2972 USD (including extra strings for $129 + $378 shipping UPS Worldwide Expedited with customs brokerage) + customs fee/duty to UPS of $440 CDN before final delivery. The base price of the Sonnet has now gone up to $2885 USD. Even with Musicmakers’ 10% discount (for newsletter subscribers), I’d estimate the total would now be $4700+ CDN.
Includes spare set of strings (A2 to A6 – nylon), gig bag (with handles + removable strap), tuning wrench, and guitar strap. The shipping box is also available if you’d like to take it.
Location: Vancouver (Yaletown)
Please email rebecca.blakeney@yahoo.ca with any questions or to come check it out. 

May 31, 2023

Lucie Parent is selling a 1996 Lyon and Healy walnut Style 23 harp.

She is asking $16,000.00 for it. It comes with a wooden trunk. The harp is in Toronto. She can be reached at lparent123@hotmail.com

March 2, 2023, by Janelle Nadeau

Little Big Blue with Black finish- electric and acoustic harp 


Transport Case, Set of Strings, Camac Bag and Tools. Built in 2018  I have the manual, which I can send.

Here is a website with more information:  


Asking: $24,000  

Market: Asking online: $19,500 US plus tax and shipping 

Here is a video to hear the comparison between Lyon & Healy 85 CG and the Camac Little Bug Blue:  


And here are two more: 




February, 2023:

Gillian Shaw Skinner is interested in selling her gold Salvi Iris Harp. It is about 40 years old. She is asking $30 000. She is also selling her Troubadour harp for $2500. If you are interested, please contact her at gillian.skinner@telus.net

August 29, 2022:

From: Elizabeth Volpé  Bligh

I am selling my Ron Wall harp with 37 strings.  Range: from low C to high A. Loveland levers. About 30 years old.No carrying case. I used a sleeping bag to transport it on the rare occasions when I moved it. Lovely Celtic design carved on one side. A normal-sized kitchen chair is the perfect height to play it.

PROs: Very rich, absolutely beautiful tone. It is very well built and solid. I have never had any issues with things breaking or going out of alignment. 

CONs: it is heavy to carry, and has a rather wide, square neck. I never found it uncomfortable, but it's a bit too wide for little kids. 

It also has small holes in the back for replacing the strings. I have always been able to replace the strings, but I wish he had made the holes a bit bigger. However, perhaps that contributes to its unique sound. 

It is in excellent shape, though there is a bit of cosmetic damage from a move. I almost never moved it, but someone rented it once and it came back with part of the finish damaged on one side. It didn't bother me, so I never had it re-finished. 

Price: $4000 CDN, including the strings and string chart that go with it. 

If you are interested, I can send you photos of it or you can come and try it out. Masks required. Email evolpebligh@gmail.com

June 10, 2022:

From Faith Ann Jones

36 string Aoyama lever 30 years old harp for sale in Vancouver, BC. It’s in good working condition, but has a few small cosmetic marks due to its age. Selling due to moving. $1500 . Please email faithann.jones2@gmail.com for more info.

June 10, 2022:

From Elisa Thorn

I'm selling my Triplet Celtic 2 with staved back, built in 1999. It was restrung in Aug 2020. Comes with a fleece lined case. There are a few cosmetic blemishes due to its age but other than that it's in great shape - asking $4000cad. Located in Vancouver BC. 

Email elisathorn@gmail.com for more info! thanks :)


April 23, 2022

From: Susan Pendleton 

We are hoping to sell our Troubadour V lever harp. We are in Vancouver, BC. 

Please email me if you are interested. pendletonsusanle@gmail.com


March 2022

From: Diane Lambert: Greater Seattle area: Salvi Symphony harp for sale. If interested, contact Diane at:



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